Human Resources

With the aim to become a well known and respected aerospace company around the world, Turkish Aerospace base of human resources policy is to provide and develop eligible human resources which supports our company at the same time maintaining loyalty to our corporate values.

As Turkish Aerospace Human Resources, our mission is to contribute to the realization of the company objectives by meeting the targets and expectations of the company and the employees in line with high ethical standards with an effective, efficient and highly motivated organization.

Our purpose is to develop and sustain a Human Resource Management Approach which considers Turkish Aerospace employees as the most valuable resource and holds the divisions of the company, employees and their families in high esteem. With this purpose, our primary objectives and strategies are as follows:

  • To access work force which meets company requirements by developing a database consisting of qualified candidates in the recruitment process.
  • To sustain the potentials of the capable, creative, innovative and highly motivated employees.
  • To develop a systematic, process-based human resources infrastructure which supports recruitment, pricing, performance measurement, training career and talent management.
  • To provide high standard compensations in order to be a preferred company in the defense and aerospace industry.
  • To lead human resources by means of developing effective communication, creative and innovative working environment within the company.
  • In order to support lifelong learning, to offer trainings which will give the opportunity for personal development as well as regular and systematic technical trainings.
  • To establish development programs in order to improve the capability of human resources based on research and development strategies of our company.
  • To provide a working environment which is supported by effective occupational health and safety policies.