Turkish Aerospace provides turnkey avionic modernization and system integration solutions to increase the technological level of rotary wing platforms, enhance the pilot vehicle interface and diversify the mission capabilities.

Helicopter (S-70, UH-60, AH-1, UH-1) Avionics Suites designed and developed by Turkish Aerospace, are advanced platform independent technology solutions with modern and flexible avionics architecture, multiple operating system capability, and inherent growth potential in line with the current requirements.

For the improvement of the flight and mission capabilities of S-70, UH-60, AH-1 and UH-1 helicopters, platforms are equipped with digital cockpit, advanced avionics and mission systems. Extensive modernizations have been carried out for Turkish Military Special Missions.


  • Modular Integrated Avionics Architecture
  • Modular Software Structure
  • Growth Capability
  • Multiple Operating System and Hardware Support
  • Decreased Pilot Workload
  • Advanced Search and Rescue Capabilities
  • Integrated Mission Planning System
  • Extended Mission Profile
  • Integrated Logistics Support