Turkish Aerospace was incepted under the Ministry of Industry and Technology on June 28, 1973 to reduce Turkey’s foreign dependence in defense industry.

With the decision to use F-16 aircrafts to meet the Turkish Air Force's fighter aircraft need, Turkish Aerospace was incepted by TAI in 1984 for a period of 25 years as a Turkish-U.S. joint investment company to carry out the manufacture of F-16 aircrafts, integration of on-board systems and flight tests .


Before the end of the 25-year period, Turkish Aerospace was restructured through the purchase of Turkish Aerospace's foreign shares by Turkish shareholders in 2005. Thereunder, TAI and TUSAŞ were merged under Turkish Aerospace Inc. to broaden its activities and has become Turkey's technology center for the development, modernization, manufacture, system integration and lifecycle support of the aviation and space industry systems.

Being among the top hundred global players in aviation and space industry, Turkish Aerospace is organized under six strategic business centers depending on the projects, including:


  • Aviation Structurals Group
  • Aircraft Group,
  • Helicopter Group,
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Systems Group,
  • Space Systems Group,
  • National Combat Aircraft (NCA) Group
  • Engineering Group

In addition, integrated logistics support is provided for all products designed/manufactured by Turkish Aerospace.