Turkish Aerospace is located in Ankara on a 4 million sqm area with a state-of-the-art industrial facility of over 296.000 sqm under roof.

A big campus, located closed to production facilities, consisted of housing made up of 800 residences, guesthouse, cafeteria, medical center, kindergarten, shopping center, sport center and picnic area of over 437.000 sqm under roof belong to Turkish Aerospace facilities.

Turkish Aerospace, which became an unilateral aviation and space center by carrying out projects and new investments, has a modern production facility in Ankara / Akinci furnished with high technology machinery and equipment that has an environmental infrastructure and provide extensive manufacturing capabilities ranging from parts manufacturing to aircraft assembly, enhanced laboratory and test systems, flight tests and delivery, design/development facilities and factories.

Turkish Aerospace-BALGAT BUILDING

Is used as Ankara branch office; the company's Board of Directors, management and various department's business meetings are carried out in this building. Address: Behind the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Balgat, Ziya Bey Cd. 3. Sok, No:16

Turkish Aerospace - METU

Turkish Aerospace rapidly continues its “R&D” and “Software” activities, which started in March 2003 at the Middle East Technical University (METU) Technology Development Zone known as “Technocity.” The Turkish Aerospace R&D buildings (Nuri DEMIRAG & Vecihi HÜRKUŞ Buildings), which are established at METU Defense Industry Research and Technology Development sub-zone on the area of approximately 4000sqm, were put into service in November 2004.  Currently approximately 300 employees carry out the activities in both buildings.

Turkish Aerospace-YTU TECHNOPARK

Starting from November 2017 our center is located at Yildiz Technical University (YTU) Technology Development Technopark Zone on the area of 841sqm. Turkish Aerospace-Yildiz Technopark R&D Center, which is still in the establishment stage, will be used as Turkish Aerospace Istanbul Office, where Turkish Aerospace will host students from Faculties of Engineering within the Trainee Engineering Program.

Turkish Aerospace-ITU ARI TEKNOKENT

Starting from April 2017, ITU Ari Teknokent provides services at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) ARI1 Teknokent building office on the area of 81sqm. This building within ITU will be used for students from Faculties of Engineering within Trainee Engineering Program as well as for engineering design and analysis activities. 


Turkish Aerospace social facilities, spread over 650.000 sqm in Akinci production facilities, include:

  • 800 residences with children playground and open sport areas,
  • Guesthouse consisted of 160 guest rooms, restaurant and conference hall,
  • Shopping centre which has 17 offices, among which are bank branch, post office and cooperative.
  • Closed sport area where sauna and volleyball/ basketball courts are available,
  • Two tennis-courts, volleyball/ basketball and football grounds,
  • Recreation area spread over 80.000 sqm of green-field and consisted of picnic area, artificial lake, walking-track, equipped open sports ground, and cafeteria,
  •  Agricultural Hobby Gardens,
  • Mosque,
  • Kindergarten and preschool,
  • Elementary School,
  • Lyceum.