TUSAS "Aerostructure Division"

Center of excellence in engineering, design and manufacturing of metallic and composite assembly structures.
Reliable partner for the worldwide aerospace OEMs and players.

Our Strategy

  • Participation to new programs as Global/Risk Sharing Partner
  • Vertical Integration of major OEM Supply Chain / First Tier Supplier
  • Investment in R&D
  • Joint studies with OEMs on M&A approach
  • Further investment in advanced technologies
  • Improvement of supplier base and processes

Our Solutions

  • Design Work Packages (Wing, Fuselage, Empennage, Nacelle & Pylon)
  • Life Cycle Product Management (Design & Analysis, Verification & Validation, Manufacturing Engineering, Testing & Certification and Aftermarket)
  • Automation (Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Manufacturing Process Applications)
  • Competitive Pricing (Cost Optimization, Supply Chain Management)
Aerostructure Manpower (2020) 3,500
Aerostructure Revenue (2020) $500M
Years of experience 48

Turkish Aerospace is ready to offer cost-effective solutions with high level of experience and capability…