Turkish Aerospace Inc, after the nationalization movement in 2005, had its first rapid growth period to become visible in the international arena as Turkey's leading aviation and space center.

With the satisfaction of their internal and external stakeholders in mind, Turkish Aerospace moves towards its goals as a company offering many products to our country and friendly countries in defense and aviation, as well as ever strengthening its technology direction and engineering infrastructure. Being the 61st company among the international aviation and space companies by 2017, our company forms its strategies around the goal of reaching 10-Billion $ turnover in 2027.


To achieve our vision and mission, we have shaped our roadmap around the following three main axes. These axes are product development to become a global player, income for sustainability, achievement of a subscribed business volume and satisfaction of the stakeholder expectations by corporate governance.


Product Development

Technology Development

Business Volume / Income


Strategic Development Areas

Developing the Supply Chain

Strengthening the Corporate Structure

Affiliate Management

Customer Satisfaction

Shareholder Satisfaction

Employee Development

Supply Chain Communication

Social and Environmental Responsibilities

To become a “world-class aviation and space company” with original products and global competitiveness.
To produce solutions that meet the national security needs in the aviation and space industry and lead the development of the industry.
Integrity, Reliability, Creativity, Productivity and Stakeholder Satisfaction
Energy Policy

Increasing the stakeholders’ awareness of energy efficiency in accordance with the relevant legal and other requirements, continuously improving the energy performance with designs to improve the energy performance and energy-efficient purchasing activities, ensuring the reduction of energy costs, and a long-term environmental and economic sustainability.


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Occupational Health And Safety Policy

We are committed to ensuring employee participation with the principle of continuous improvement in accordance with the regulations and other requirements, consult with employees and create a healthy and safe working environment relevant to the company's purpose, size, context, Occupational Health and Safety risks and nature of opportunities and free from occupational accidents and diseases. 


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Human Resources Policy

Providing, developing a highly qualified human resource developing technology to our Country and Company, and ensuring the sustainability of the commitment to our vision and values.

Innovation And Technology Policy

Positioning innovation and technology as a key leverage in collaboration with all stakeholders on becoming a globally competitive “world-class aviation and space company”.

Industrialization Policy

Focusing on our core process and capabilities to outsource non-essential processes. In this context, maximizing the use of domestic auxiliary industry capabilities and developing new capabilities, creating a global supply chain that supports the integrated systems and original products.

Quality Policy

Ensuring stakeholder satisfaction and achieving what is better with a continuous improvement and quality approach in accordance with regulations and requirements.

Safety Policy

Managing the aviation safety risks with all our stakeholders in accordance with regulations and requirements in a safety-driven environment to continuously improve the safety performance.

Environment Policy

Ensuring the reduction of environmental impact of all activities in accordance with legal and other requirements and prevention of environmental pollution with the principle of continuous improvement.


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BTHYS Policy

Offering fast and reliable Information Technology Services compliant with the business processes with high accessibility and quality, with a continuous improvement approach to ensure customer satisfaction.

Information Technologies Service Management Policy

Turkish Aerospace in accordance with the business processes, accessibility and high quality, reliable Information Technology products and services as soon as possible and ensure customer satisfaction by providing continuous improvement approach.


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Information Security Policy

In order to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information assets of Turkish Aerospace to fulfill legal requirements and to increase the awareness of Turkish Aerospace stakeholders on information security; information security issues with the competent human resources and continuous improvement approach is operated by the installation of the required technological solutions and processes.


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