Turkish Aerospace Technology Centers engage in various activities according to its duties and responsibilities defined below in coordination with the other engineering directorates:

  • Research studies on new, advanced and critical technologies
  • Studies aimed to improve the technological depth on the company's thematic areas of technology
  • Hands-on research studies to increase the competitiveness of products
  • Knowledge transfer, dissemination of developed and derived knowledge
  • Contributing to the training of high-quality human resources
  • Encouraging award-winning competitions on innovative topics

Turkish Aerospace’ four (4) Technology Centers focus on the following innovative studies.

  • Research on advanced materials (e.g. nano materials)
  • Research on new manufacturing techniques (e.g. layered manufacturing)
  • Research on new energy generation and storage systems
  • Joint projects with universities and research institutions
  • Implementation and laboratory testing of the researched technologies in the aviation and space industry
  • Development of processes to industrialize the researched technologies



  • Identifying the priority original engineering methods and tools that are jointly determined with the departments in the Turkish Aerospace Technology Roadmap
  • Working on, developing or improving the identified methods and tools in cooperation with Universities and Research Institutions
  • Performing the method development and verification and registration of and publishing the relevant methods and tools

  • Conducting basic research for new aerial vehicle concepts and performing the modeling, design and simulation works
  • Researching new system concepts such as innovative flight control systems, increased use of electricity in aerial vehicles
  • Conducting scientific studies with universities and research institutions

  • The Rotor Wing Technology Center (DKTM) was established in Turkish Aerospace METU Teknokent facilities under the Original Helicopter Program Agreement signed between the Defense Industry Undersecretariat (SSM) and Turkish Aerospace on June 26, 2013.
  • The purpose of DKTM is to research and acquire the future helicopter technologies, improve the university-industry cooperation, and contribute to the manpower trained in areas of helicopter technology in the long term.
  • DKTM was established to develop technologies that are not available in the helicopter industry in the world or are not accessible in our country.