Chairman of the Board

Prof. Rafet BOZDOĞAN

Chairman of the Board

He was born in Kahramanmaraş in 1960. He graduated from Metallurgy Engineering of Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ) and finished his master and doctorate at Birmingham University, England on Aerospace Materials Development. He was appointed as Assistant Professor at Faculty of Aeronautical and Aerospace Istanbul Technical University in 1992. He had the degree of Associate Professor in Aerospace Materials Development in 1993. He has been full-time lecturer and researcher at Istanbul Technical University and Air Force Academy between 1992 - 1996.

He has worked at various companies, and corporations as senior manager and head of department between 1996 - 2010. He was appointed as Professor at the University of Yalova as the founder of Transportation Engineering Department in 2010. During his period, he has been the Dean of Engineering Faculty, Member of University Senate, Deputy University President, and Acting University President. He has been member of Board of TEI between 2015 - 2020.

He has been the Chairman, Board of Directors of the Turkish Aerospace Industries since June 10th, 2020.