HÜRKUŞ-C Hürkuş Başlık Görseli

HÜRKUŞ, Basic and Primary Trainer Aircraft is designed to support different mission and operational requirements.

HÜRKUŞ-C, in addition to pilot training missions, is developed to provide a low cost and high accuracy solution to Light Attack/ Armed Reconnaissance missions.

Precise and Affordable All-In-One Multiple Mission Solution HÜRKUŞ-C, Light attack and armed reconnaissance combat variant, provides a cost effective flexible solution against asymmetric threats of the contemporary world’s warfare theatres. Retaining the advanced capabilities of HÜRKUŞ, up-to 7 external hard points on HÜRKUŞ-C provides its operators an extensive payload capacity up-to 1500 kg, which can be utilized to perform demanding missions, during day&night conditions in high altitudes and harsh geographies.



Unguided General Purpose Bombs (MK81 and MK82 Versions)
INS / GPS Guided General Purpose Bombs
Wing Assisted Guided General Purpose Bombs
12.7 (50 Cal.) and 20 mm Gun Systems
Laser Guided Bombs
Training Bombs
External Fuel Tanks
Armored Structure
Self Protection Systems
Night Vision Compatible Full Digital Cockpit
Advanced Avionics
Secure Communication System
Video & Data Link
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