HÜRKUŞ, Basic and Primary Trainer Aircraft is designed to support different mission and operational requirements.


HÜRKUŞ-C, in addition to pilot training missions, is developed to provide a low cost and high accuracy solution to Light Attack/ Armed Reconnaissance missions.


Precise and Affordable All-In-One Multiple Mission Solution HÜRKUŞ-C, Light attack and armed reconnaissance combat variant, provides a cost effective flexible solution against asymmetric threats of the contemporary world’s warfare theatres. Retaining the advanced capabilities of HÜRKUŞ, up-to 7 external hard points on HÜRKUŞ-C provides its operators an extensive payload capacity up-to 1500 kg, which can be utilized to perform demanding missions, during day&night conditions in high altitudes and harsh geographies.

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Unguided General Purpose Bombs
INS / GPS Guided General Purpose Bombs
12.7 (50 Cal.) and 20 mm Gun Systems
Laser Guided Bombs
Training Bombs
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