( C-130 )

In accordance with the contract signed between SSM and Turkish Aerospace in Dec. 2006, the avionic system of 13 C-130E and 6 C-130B aircraft of TurAF is being modernized.


Once completed, the aircraft will comply with GATM, RVSM and CAT-II ILS requirements. The new avionic system fully NVIS capable, have a glass cockpit with 4 MFDs, 2 CDUs and 2 Multi Mission Computers.


Within the scope of the Erciyes Avionics Modernization Program, Turkish Aerospace performs design, integration test and check-out of the system for 2 prototypes, install 4 serial aircrafts and deliver the kits for the modification of remaining 13 aircraft. Installation of these 13 aircraft will be made by TurAF 2nd Air Supply and Maintenance Center. The after delivery support of the whole system will be made by Turkish Aerospace.


With the realization of the Erciyes Program, Turkish Aerospace will take a significant advantage to meet the modernization requirements of all countries that use C-130 aircraft.