The R&D Project self-sourced to develop Very Light Aircrafts (VLA) is a project launched to train the students studying in relevant engineering fields in aircraft design, manufacture, ground and flight tests and contract and program management.


It is aimed to develop and manufacture two types of 2-person Prototype Aircrafts in Very Light Aircrafts (VLA) category under both projects (ITU VLA and METU VLA).


The aircraft design works are planned to be performed by Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and Middle East Technical University (METU) students, while manufacturing, assembly, integration and testing works are planned to be performed by Turkish Aerospace with the participation of the students.


Project goals


  • Enabling students to begin designing during their study and converting designs into products and allowing them to gain experience during their study in the Defense and Aviation industry
  • Promoting aircraft design and aviation industry among students of relevant engineering fields
  • Training qualified engineers in the aircraft design to contribute to the employment in the Defense Industry and Aviation industry
  • Improving Turkish Aerospace’ University / Industry Collaborations
  • Enabling Turkish Aerospace to acquire capability in VLA category


The Prototype Aircraft designed and manufactured pursuant to agreements signed between İTUNOVA and Turkish Aerospace, and between METU TTO and Turkish Aerospace must meet the following requirements.

Technical Specifications
Single and piston engine
2 seats
Landing Gear
Maximum Take-Off Weight
max 750 kg
Maximum Take-off Distance
450 m
Maximum Operation Altitude
7500 ft
Paid Weight Target
200 kg
500 km
Maximum Navigation Speed
Maneuvering Limit
+3.8 g / -1.5 g