In order to fulfill the requirements of Turkish Satellite Operator Company TÜRKSAT, the contract for the "Development and Production of TÜRKSAT 6A Communication Satellite" Project, which was initiated under the coordination of The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), was signed on 2014.


The financial budget for the program has been granted by the Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, TÜRKSAT and TÜBİTAK. TÜRKSAT 6A as the first indigenous telecommunication satellite of Turkey, has planned to be developed in cooperation with national industries and institutes with a work share model based on complementary competencies of the participants.

Within the scope of TÜRKSAT 6A Project; design and manufacturing of Satellite Structural, Thermal Control, Chemical Propulsion Subsystems, Harness and Mechanical Ground Support Equipment are under the responsibility of Turkish Aerospace. Additionally, Turkish Aerospace, together with TÜBİTAK Space, takes part in Satellite On-Board Data Handling Software, Command & Control Software and Assembly, Integration and Test activities.

The assembly, integration and test activities of TÜRKSAT 6A Satellite are performed at the Space Systems Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT) Center at Turkish Aerospace Facilities in Ankara.


The satellite is planned to be located in to 42°E geostationary orbit for the operation of National Satellite Operator Company, TÜRKSAT. The satellite will have a launch mass of more than 4 tons.


TÜRKSAT 6A will bring extended capabilities and additional capacity for high and secure data transfer applications with 16 Ku-Band transponders that can be operated simultaneously.

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Technical Specifications
16 Ku-Band Transponders
42˚ E GEO
Maximum Power Generation
8.4 kW
Design Life Time
> 15 Years
~ 4250 kg

Launch Mass