It was decided to develop and equip T129 ATAK Helicopter with Turkey-specific national capabilities to meet the Turkish Armed Forces’ attack helicopter need.

A program was initiated under an agreement signed on September 7, 2007, and Turkish Aerospace undertook the platform, system integration, production system engineering for all projects and lifecycle logistics support as the Main Contractor.

Following the entry of the agreement into force in 2008, the helicopter flew for the first time on August 17, 2011, and about 95% of the initial part of the helicopter is manufactured by domestic means in Turkey, and its entire mission equipment has been redesigned in accordance with the requests and experience of the Land Forces Command.

The first delivery of T129 ATAK Helicopter was made to the Land Forces Command on April 22, 2014, and as of February 2021, 60 helicopters have been delivered to the Land Forces Command, Gendarmerie General Command of the Ministry of Interior and the General Directorate of Security of the Ministry of Interior.

Optimized for heavy weapon loads and challenging “hot temperature-high altitude” missions, T129 ATAK Helicopter has been developed by national means and capabilities to meet the Turkish Ared Forces’ attack helicopter needs, and the delivered helicopters effectively perform missions during the operations of the Turkish Armed Forces with high maneuverability and performance in night and day conditions.

As part of the ATAK Program, T129 ATAK Helicopters will be delivered including 91 helicopters in total to the Turkish Land Forces including 59 definitely and 32 optionally, 27 helicopters in total to the Ministry of Interior including 24 definitely and 3 optionally, 30 helicopters to the Pakistan Air Forces and 6 helicopters to the Philippines Air Forces.

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Superior Operation Capability

T129 ATAK Helicopter features a versatile superior movement capability in various combats with features such as high performance, high maneuverability, asymmetrical weapons load, low visibility, sound and radar silhouette, high impact resistance and ballistic tolerance. Optimized for “hot temperature-high altitude” performance requirements against challenging geographical and environmental conditions in night and day operations, T129 ATAK offers flexible and adaptable weapons configuration solutions to its users in the battlefield with its modern and advanced systems.

Modern Electronic Warfare Systems

Superior survival capability in the battlefield with Radar Warning Receiver System (RIAS), Radar Frequency Mixer System (RFKS) and Laser Receiver System (LIAS) in addition to Missile Warning System (FIS), Countermeasure Firing System (KTAS), IR (Infrared), and Countermeasure System.

Flexible & Adaptable Weapons Configuration

Equipped with 20 mm cannon bullets with up to 76 unguided rockets and 500 munitions capacity for short-range air support, T129 ATAK is also equipped with 8 UMTAS Anti-Tank Missiles, 16 CIRIT Laser-Guided Missiles, 8 STINGER Air-to-Air Missiles and the state-of-the-art electronic warfare and electro-optical systems for multi-purpose missions.

Hunter Kaska Integrated Control System

Specially designed for T129 ATAK Helicopter, HUNTER Kaska Integrated Control System enables the automatic orientation of target detection and weapons systems to the pilot’s line of sight with its high tracking accuracy.

76 x 70 mm (2.75”) Classic Rockets
16 x 70mm (2.75’’) CIRIT® Guided ATGM Missiles
20 mm Turreted Gun (500 Rounds)
8 x STINGER® Air-to-Air Missiles
8 x UMTAS® Anti - Tank Missiles
Dimensions / Weight
Maximum Ergonomy For In&Out
14.54 m

47.70 ft

3.95 m

39.00 ft

3.49 m

11.45 ft

Main Rotor Diameter
11.90 m

39.00 ft

5065 kg

11166 Ib

Maximum Cruise Speed
281 km/h

152 kts

537 km

290 nm

3 hours
HIGE Ceiling
4572 m

15000 ft

HOGE Ceiling
4221 m

13850 ft

Rate of Climb
13.26 m/sec

2610 ft/min

Vertical Rate of Climb
7.3 m/sec

1430 ft/min

Service Ceiling
4572 m

15000 ft

2 x Turboshaft Engines LHTEC - CTS800-4a Take-off Power 2 x 1024 kw 2 x 1.373 shp
Precision Strike
Armed Reconnaissance
Armed Escort
Fire Support
Suppression of Enemy Air Defence
Deep Strike
Security / Urban Warfare
Central Management System
Excellent Situational Awareness
Weapon Cueing & Handover
Night Vision with Head Out Symbology
Electro-Optic / Infra-Red Device
Day TV & Color Camera
Laser Designation
Laser Spot Tracking