T70 T70

Within the scope of the “TUHP-Turkish Utility Helicopter Program”, T70 helicopters will be developed based on the S70i Helicopter of Sikorsky Aircraft. A total of 109 T70 Helicopters will be manufactured and delivered to Turkish Land Forces, Turkish Air Forces, General Command of Gendarmerie, Special Forces, Turkish National Police and Directorate of Forestry during next 10 years. TUSAS-TUSAS Industries Inc. will be leading the program as a prime contractor of this program with other subcontractor companies; Sikorsky Aircraft, Aselsan, TEI and Alp Aviation.


TUSAS is responsible for manufacturing, final assembly operations, tests and integrated logistic support of all airframe structures and composite rotor blades. In addition to TUSAS’s work scope, TEI-Turkish Engine Industries will build engines under a license of GE-General Electric. Aselsan will develop and integrate avionics and will co-develop with Sikorsky Aircraft an enhanced digital cockpit known as the Integrated Modular Avionics System (IMAS); and Alp Aviation is responsible for production and assembly of landing gears, gearbox and dynamic components.


Within the scope of the Turkish Utility Helicopter Program, Turkey’s utility helicopter requirements will be met and Turkish industry will play a significant role in fulfilling domestic needs in military and civilian areas.

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Licensed Domestic Production

190 T70 general purpose helicopters are domestically manufactured and nationalized with original designs under license. The helicopter body, blades, landing gear, gearboxes and flight control parts, cockpit avionics and T700-TEI-701D engine are manufactured domestically.

National Modular Avionics Architecture

With the national modular avionics architecture and software capability, a flexible system solution is available meeting different needs. The architecture features provisions, expansion options and an adequate processor-memory potential. With the domestic flight software, foreign dependency has been reduced for avionics integrations. Domestic advanced Electronic Countermeasure systems include an enhanced self-protection feature against Radar, Laser and Heat-guided, and high operation capability.

Integrated Logistics Support

With the domestic manufacture and maintenance-repair capability, logistics support needed throughout the lifecycle of the helicopters will be provided fast and cost-effectively.

Tehcnical Data
Maximum Takeoff Gross Weight
9.979 kg

(22.000 lbs)

Maximum Gross Weight with External Load
10.659 kg

(23.500 lbs)

Maximum External Load
4.082 kg

(9.000 lbs)

Cabin Width
2.14 m

(7.0 ft)

Cabin Height
1.37 m

(4.5 ft)

Cabin Area
8.18 m2

(88 ft2)

Cabin Volume
11.22 m3

(396 ft3)

Maximum Cruise Speed*
296 km/hr

160 kts

HIGE Ceiling**
4.572 m

(15.000 ft)

HOGE Ceiling**
3.353 m

(11.000 ft)

Service Ceiling**
6.096 m

(20.000 ft)

* Standart day, sea level
** Ceiling for 18.000 lbs GW (8.165 kg)
External Lift
Search and Resque
Maritime Patrol and SAR