GÖKTÜRK-1 Earth Observation and Reconnaissance Satellite System consists of GÖKTÜRK Satellite which composed of a very high-resolution electro-optical camera, was successfully launched from French Guiana in December 2016. GÖKTÜRK-1 Project contract was awarded to Telespazio-Italy (TPZ) as the main contractor and Thales Alenia Space-France (TAS-F) as the main subcontractor by Presidency of Defence Industries. In GÖKTÜRK-1 Project, Turkish Aerospace, directly participated in several work packages and development activities which was reported to the Telespazio-Italy (TPZ) and Thales Alenia Space-France (TAS-F). In addition to those direct participation activities, GÖKTÜRK-1 Satellite’s Mission Module Structure Equipped Flight Panels were manufactured by Turkish Aerospace at its own facilities.


GÖKTÜRK-1 Satellite System enables acquiring high resolution images from any region of earth without geographical restriction for both military and civil applications.


In the scope of the GÖKTÜRK-1 Project, the Satellite Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT) Center was established. AIT is a critical infrastructure for advancing the technology, and for building up expert manpower and infrastructure for space and satellite systems, and also for fulfilling the in-house development requirements of Turkey’s future observation and communication satellites. With this understanding, GÖKTÜRK-1 Satellite's environmental and functional tests were conducted by Turkish Aerospace personnel at AIT Center, and after successful completion it was shipped to the launch site from this center.


Including the launch and the commissioning phases of the GÖKTÜRK-1 Satellite Project, since December 2018, Turkish Aerospace not only carries out the operations and maintenance support for the GÖKTÜRK-1 System, but also continue to provide engineering support in the scope of Technical Support and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) services.

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Technical Specifications
Electro-Optical Camera
~ 681 km

Sun Synchronous Orbit

Ground Sampling Distance
< 1 m
Revisit Time
2.5 Days
Design Life Time
7 Years
1000 kg
Imaging Modes
Spot, Strip, Wide Area, Stereo